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BMW lets the M boys loose on the X5 SUV. It’s quick, but that’s about all you could say there is going for it. The green brigade are right about this SUV.

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  • The M department said it would never do turbo-charged engines or SUVs. The X5 M proves someone should have listened to them.
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    Don’t. Sorry, it’s that bad.

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What is it?

Sorry, did someone say this was an M car? The BMW X5 M is nowhere near what an M should be like - the steering is too woolly, the body roll not controlled - and it feels far too heavy. But the real trouble is that it's not fun to drive.


Poor. The M division famously refuses to fit run-flat tyres because of the compromises they bring, but even without these the X5 M isn't capable of wafting. 

On the inside

Nothing wrong here. 547bhp and 501lb ft, from a twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8, is never going to be slow, even in something weighing nearly 2.5 tonnes. Turbo lag is never an issue and 0-62mph only takes 4.7 seconds. In something this large, that's quite a feeling.


Er, no. Even if you de-badge it and tell people it's a normal diesel X5. Shouty, all-mouth and no trouser cars are not what cool people drive around in. Shouty, all-mouth and no trouser SUVs are even less what cool people drive around in.

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