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The Cadillac CTS is a kind of small saloon and a half, or large saloon less a portion. Bigger than a 3-series, smaller than a Five, but priced to nick sales off Threes and Audi’s A4. Cheap, but with reason.

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  • Strange-looking, brash and there’s no diesel option. I like it. I shouldn’t, but I do
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What is it?

Not the Caddy's strong suit at the moment. Needs encouragement to take a bend properly and tends to spin a wheel when it gets upset. A 3-Series laughs in its face and dances on its grave. Which is a horrifying mix of linguistic imagery.


A comfy car despite the handling deficiencies, the CTS is quiet and removes any bumps without so much as a flutter. Big petrol engines work well to keep the ambient noise levels down too.

On the inside

Two to choose from here, a 2.8 and 3.6-litre, both V6. The smaller 215bhp engine gets the CTS from 0-62mph in 8.4 seconds and on to 140mph max, while the larger 3.6 with only 257bhp spikes the car from rest to the benchmark in seven seconds dead and on to 145mph. Both are fine, but don't go drag racing; you'll lose. We don't get the V8, 400bhp ‘V'-spec car. Bah.


Angular styling stands out, and at least it's not another bloody 3-Series. But still too boring to be cool.

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