Rowan Horncastle22 February 2012

A 70mph mobility scooter… on snow

Jeremy thought his eight-wheeler mobility scooter was fast. He should try this...

In last week's show the boys dabbled with modifying mobility scooters. Jeremy created a Siamese scooter with eight wheels and four-wheel drive, James added a generic electronic tablet and coffee dispenser, while Richard added tank tracks and lots of noise. But frankly this all looks a bit rubbish in comparison to what a man from Stamford has drummed up.

Colin Furze, a man who has a history of professional tinkerage, has fitted a mobility scooter with a 125cc engine from a motorcross bike. This makes it the fastest mobility scooter... in the world. No, really. It is actually the fastest mobility scooter... in the world. The official record men at Guinness have verified it and everything.

With the recent picturesque blanket of snow that covered the UK, Colin decided to tear it all up with a bit of sideways action. Which looks a lot of fun but very scary.

But whose scooter is better? Jeremy's, James', Richard's or Colin's?

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