17 July 2007

Disorderly Q7

Beefed-up Audi SUV to make supermarket parking an impossibility

Audi Q7

You have to applaud the misguided bravado of the guys who looked at the Audi Q7 and thought, 'Sure, it's OK - but couldn't it do with being a bit, well, bigger?' 

This is the aptly named Widebody, a beefed-up, bodykitted Q7 from German tuner JE Design. 

Taking the Q7's not-especially-modest proportions and adding fat flared arches and an aero kit, the Widebody promises to make supermarket parking a physical impossibility rather than merely challenging. 

If you want to get a handle on the sheer size of the thing, take a closer look at those alloys. They're 22-inchers, and they look positively petite. Yes, it's a big 'un. 

But road presence ain't nothing without some grunt to back it up, so JE Design has taken a spanner to the Q7's 4.2-litre V8. 

Power is now up at 500bhp, which is enough to see the Q7 to 62mph in just 5.6 seconds before topping out at a frightening 169mph. 

Carbon footprint? It's better not to ask, but let's just say we're talking size 14 jackboots rather than stiletto heels here.

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