14 June 2007

Spotted: M3 in broom cupboard

BMW's new supercoupe is hiding at the Canary Wharf Motor Expo


Want to see the new M3?

Well, you'll have to wait until the first week of July, when BMW will formally show off its RS4-rattling supercoupe to us Brits.

Unless you head down to the Canary Wharf Motor Expo with a good cover story and a nifty line in comedy disguises. See, the M3 isn't technically there: BMW's show car at the posh London party is the M6 Convertible. Boring.

But hidden in a back room, away from the view of the general public, is a pristine white M3. BMW is only showing it to prospective M3 customers or those who have already placed an order. Or persistent journalists, of course. 

So, we urge you, head on down to Canary Wharf and badger BMW for a look at the M3. Partly because it'll serve 'em right for hiding it away but also because, technically, we're all prospective M3 buyers.

Maybe not for a few years or without a substantial windfall/bank error in the meantime, but that's the whole point in 'prospective', isn't it? 

But you'll need to be quick: the Motor Expo finishes on Sunday. And if BMW won't let you into its secret chamber, there's always the Alfa 8C Competizione to keep you entertained. And the Bentley Brooklands. And the Audi R8.

And who knows what else you'll find hidden in the basement?


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