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And in this month's Top Gear magazine...

The mighty SRT Viper, on track with the Nissan Delta Wing, the new Lotus Exige and your free TG car stickers…

Over to Top Gear magazine's Editor-in-Chief Charlie Turner for a few words on this month's spanking new issue - out now!

As automotive manifestations of the American Dream go, it's hard to think of anything that says USA more succinctly than the Dodge Viper. In an industry obsessed with efficiency and economy, where battles rage between petrolhead fantasy and accounting reality, too often corporate blandness reigns and profitability wins over passion and performance. Knowing that, you catch a glimpse of the specific kind of bull-headed bravery necessary to commission the rebirth of this iconic muscle car. Mind you, if you're reading this magazine, you'll understand and share that vision and passion.

Developed in secret by a small team working after hours in a place known only as ‘Area 51', deep in the underbelly of Chrysler's HQ, and commissioned at the worst of the US auto industry's implosion, the Viper isn't just a halo car for Dodge, but a V10 metaphor for the rebirth of the US auto industry as a whole. We've had exclusive up-close-and-personal access to New Viper, and, judging by the proposed specifications, it's clear that the King Snake means to deliver. Supercar owners of the world, you have been warned.

Back across the Atlantic, and it's time to put the all-new Lotus Exige S to a proper test. Important and interesting, because in a bizarre reversal, just when the Viper has shed pounds, the Exige has gained them. Heresy? From pure-bred circuit star to track-biased GT with a smattering of road comforts, we take Hethel's finest on an exhaustive 1,500-mile European tour in search of the perfect road. The results might surprise you.

And finally, time for a quick call to arms. This issue is rammed full of exclusives that the TG team works tirelessly to deliver. But everything we do - to borrow a phrase - is driven by you, and we want you to be a part of it. By visiting this website and entering a few details, you'll become part of the exclusive Top Gear magazine panel and will actively help to define our content for the future. As an added incentive, five readers will be selected at random by The Stig to join Top Gear magazine for a day. So, please get involved and become part of the greatest magazine team in the world. We might even make you a cup of tea.

Enjoy the issue.

Want more Dodge Viper? Then have a look at our exclusive video below, where we take the car for a spin around the Top Gear track courtesy of Forza Motorsport 4…  


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