11 August 2008

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Behold the Mini Clubman rickshaw. Because petrol's too expensive

Clubman rickshaws

Apparently there's a small festival going on in Beijing at the moment, comprising sporting events that went out of fashion in late medieval times. The 'Olympics'. Something like that.

Never one to miss out on a marketing opportunity, Mini has cobbled together a bunch of Clubman rickshaws, which are currently trundling the streets of Beijing replete with gold dragons.

It's clever, y'see, because it's like a crazy fusion of cultures: pedal-powered transport from the East, and tiny suicide-doored estate cars from the West. We're disappointed to note that Mini hasn't gone the whole hog and strung a driver's seatbelt across the passenger exit.

No word on performance figures for the Clubman rickshaw yet, but unofficial dyno tests suggest that the lad in the fetching white shirt is putting out about 0.1bhp and returning about three miles to every plate of terrifyingly hot noodles.

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