Sam Philip27 February 2012

Pics of wooden model Ferrari hit internet

TG uncovers exclusive image of a wooden car. Is this the next-gen V12 from Maranello?

Is this the successor to the Ferrari 599? This image, leaked onto the internet by renegade blog site, apparently shows a 100 PER CENT ACCURATE wooden model of Ferrari’s next-generation V12 supercar.
The grainy cameraphone photo reveals an evolution of Ferrari’s organic design language, with a strong, curved bonnet and distinctive ‘hoop’ on the rear deck. Experts believe that the model’s sleek lines could contribute to radically low drag coefficient, and the ability to roll right from one end of the kitchen table to the other from just a single push.
Ferrari also appears to have employed a fenderless, open-wheel design that will surely require modification to pass European safety tests, while the high-profile tyres are said to improve ride quality and lessen the possibility of a child suffering a nasty bruise if the car falls off the toy cupboard onto his head.
Though the 599’s successor is not due to be officially revealed until Wednesday, industry insiders have confirmed that Top Gear’s leaked photo is an accurate portrayal of the 700bhp super-GT.
“I’m very confident that this is almost exactly what the next 599 might possibly maybe look at bit like,” said our anonymous source. “In any case, it’s definitely accurate enough for us to draw a bunch of sweeping and spurious conclusions. To be honest, I can’t see why anyone would want to head to on Wednesday morning for all the official information and high-quality images of the new Ferrari itself when they could make do with this…”

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