22 September 2008

Tough decision...

Lorinser SL or Merc SL 65 AMG Black? Which would you go for?

Lorinser SL

Such a pity that Mercedes doesn't do a beefed-up version of the new SL.

A pity because, if you want an SL with a bit more road presence, you'll have to opt for this, the gilled-up-to-the-max Lorinser version.

Yes, it's another German tuning house special, compromising a massive body kit and more holes than the Valhalla golf course.

Oh, and some monstrous girt wheels, which you might just have spotted. For just a few quid extra, they'll come pre-kerbed.

No power upgrades, or indeed word on price, but we'd imagine it falls into the 'surprisingly expensive category'. And you don't even get a proper Merc badge for your cash.

As we said, what a pity that Merc doesn't produce a lairier SL in-house. What's that you say? SL 65 AMG Black? Ah yes. Tough choice, eh?


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