Rowan Horncastle04 February 2014

Meet the car you can build in an hour

It’s Italy’s flat-pack, very slow answer to the Caterham 7: the ready-in-60-minutes Tabby

Jamie Oliver reckons it takes 60 minutes to cook a jacket potato. But what to do while your starchy, tuberous spud crisps up in the oven? Catch up on last week's show on iPlayer? How about building a car?

That's what Italian manufacturer OSVehicle believes is possible with its 'IKEA car', the Tabby. The company claims it's possible to unbox, assemble and drive this open-source car within one hour.

You'll see in the video above that with two people you can knock out a rolling chassis in 41 minutes. Which makes Jeremy and James's effort to constructing a Caterham in the time it took Stig to drive to Scotland a bit pathetic. And unlike Jeremy, it looks like they've used all the parts. 

OSVehicles plans to streamline the process of buying a car, too. All you do is go online, decide whether you want two or four seats, an electric, petrol or hybrid engine, seats and wheels (they're classed as ‘Options') then hand over £2500-£4000 depending on spec.

When the transactions complete, they'll post the parts to your house, you download the blueprints to your computer and get cracking with the build in your garage.

If you want to drive the car on the streets, you'll need the Urban Tabby. Grr. This upgrade garnishes your chassis with a cutting-edge tech called ‘bodywork', making it safe enough to drive on the roads. But with top speeds varying between 43 to 56 mph - depending on the engine you spec - we still wouldn't recommend pranging it.

The first Tabby prototypes are set to hit the road early this year. Approximately an hour after being manufactured, in fact.

So: this, or a self-built Caterham R500 and rather fewer perfectly-done baked potatoes in your life?

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