11 September 2007

Frankfurt show: Nissan Mixim

Mad coupe concept thing goes all Star Wars on Frankfurt

Nissan Mixim

Vying with the Renault Kangoo concept for maddest concept in show comes the Nissan Mixim, an electric coupe that does its very best to defy explanation, or indeed reason.

Where to start? Those gullwing doors would seem as good a place as any, although bat-wing might be more apt. They open to reveal a three-seat cabin, with the driver sitting front-and-centre with two seats set back on either side - like in a McLaren F1 car.

There's another occasional seat behind the driver, too, but if you got stuck there you wouldn't get the full effect of the Mixim's weird console-style dash.

Of course, it doesn't feature anything as conventional as a steering wheel: instead there's a Star Wars-style joystick to control the main functions.

The high-concept touches continue on the outside - frosted headlight clusters, diamond-shaped gashes liberally scattered over the panels, and sheer, solid alloys.

Actually, those wheels are like that for a reason: the Mixim is powered by an electric motor in each corner, so the alloys provide vital protection from puddles, mud or curious rodents.

However, that's about the only nod to rationality about the entire design. Of course, the Mixim will never see the light of day in production, but then what would a motor show be without a wacky Nissan concept?

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