31 January 2008

Snakes on Cayenne

German tuner Hamann makes the big Porsche even less socially acceptable

Porsche Cayenne

As if the Porsche Cayenne didn't already wind up every Tom, Dick and Swampy with so much as a hint of eco-concern, German tuning firm Hamann Motorsports has ensured that you'll never get an invite to the Greens' Christmas party by making the big off-roader even more garish, fitting the interior with the skins of cute innocent snakes. 

Actually, we don't know whether they're cute and innocent or not. They could be evil snakes sentenced to death for crimes against fluffy kittens. More likely, it's actually snakeskin-effect leather covering those seats. But we've got a feeling the Cayenne haters won't bother to find out. 

And, with that huge body kit and four-pipe exhaust system announcing your presence loud and clear, it's not as if you'll be able to creep past unnoticed. Don't think that just because Hamann has lowered the Cayenne's ride height by 35mm, you'll sneak under the radar either. 

In the past, we've approved of some of Hamann's efforts -well, one at least, despite ourselves - but this is simply unacceptable. 

On the plus side, if you're the owner of an unmodified Cayenne and someone accuses you of driving the most evil, unacceptable car in the world, just point them in the direction of Hamann. You'll look like a saint by comparison.

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