31 January 2008

Twin some, lose some

New Skoda Superb gets clever double tailgate. Clever, mind, not exciting

Skoda Superb

Worthy and reliable as it shall doubtless be when it goes on sale in the UK this autumn, the new Skoda Superb isn't the easiest car to get excited about. 

Especially when it looks, well, not vastly different to the current Superb. 

But wait. Because round the back of the humble Superb lurks a technological innovation that could change the face - or at least the arse - of motoring. And that innovation is called Twindoor. 

Patented by Skoda, Twindoor is a nifty tailgate that allows you to open just the bootlid to load small items, or the entire hatch - including the rear window - for bigger stuff. Which, we guess, makes the Superb half saloon and half hatch. A haloon, perhaps. Or a satch. 

Still not enthused? Well, how does a 3.2-litre V6 tickle your fancy? Still nothing? Touch-screen DVD? Flappy-paddle gearbox? No? 

Fine, be apathetic. But don't come crawling to us when you've got an awkwardly shaped flat-pack wardrobe that won't fit into the back of your saloon.

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