14 April 2008

Smarter by half

Ferrarisine boys stretch a ForTwo. So wrong it's almost right

Smart ForTwo

Not content with winding up Ferrari's legal team with their 360 limousine, the boys from Carbonyte are at it again with a stretched Smart ForTwo.

After the monster truck Smart, we guess this had to happen sooner or later. At 17 foot long, the Smaaart (Carbonyte's name, not ours) is over twice the length of a normal ForTwo, and has been designed by ex-McLaren man Chris Wright.

You might assume that a double-size Smart would require an engine more meaty than the ForTwo's 600cc unit. Not so.

Carbonyte has left the Smart's three-cylinder engine in stock form, but asserts that - thanks to the new lightweight alloy chassis - it can 'still comfortably reach motorway cruising speeds of 80mph'. We're sure they mean 70mph. We're not sure how long it'll take to get there.

The resemblance to a popular brand of revitalising fizzy drink isn't accidental. The Smaaart, says Carbonyte, will be used as a promotional vehicle for soft drinks manufacturers and can be bought outright for about £25 grand.

Carbonyte adds that it plans to take the Smaaart into the funeral industry, for those who want 'an individual yet environmentally friendly hearse'.

You know what they say. If you're going to go, you might as well go in a giant can of Red Bull. Gives you wiiiiiiiings.

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