31 January 2008

Quite the spectacles

Wear Smart glasses. Pretend you're in a ForTwo. Get bored. Take them off

Smart glasses

Want a new Smart ForTwo but can't afford the down payments? Well, why not fool your brain into thinking you've bought the dinky city car with this pair of Smart glasses? 

We haven't made this up. Honest. Look at the picture. These specs have been made by Smart in Germany as part of the marketing campaign for the ForTwo, and are printed with an interior view of the dash and cabin. 

Not only will you be able to experience the joy of the ForTwo's luxurious cabin, but with your new chic-chic glasses, you'll be the envy of your friends.

OK, we can mock (and we will), but if you think about it, the idea makes a lot of sense. Wear your glasses and you'll be able to squeeze into even the narrowest of city parking spaces (depending on your previous week's pie intake, at least) and weave through traffic with all the manoeuvrability of, well, a person wearing glasses.

Yes, you'll look like a fool, but we reckon you'll get less abuse in the Smart glasses than you would in that Hamann Cayenne.

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