02 September 2008

Straight outta Mulsanne

Lightweight, track-inspired iterations of exotic supercars are often rather good...

Spyker LM 85

Take the 430 Scud, the Gallardo Superleggera and the 911 GT3 RS. All good cars. Excellent cars.

Will the Spyker LM 85 be quite so excellent? Call us sceptical, but we're sceptical. The LM 85 is, essentially, the Dutch manufacturer's short-wheelbase C8 Laviolette, but lightened and powered-up using Spyker's Le Mans, erm, expertise.

Which explains the name - 85 is the Spyker C8 GTR2's starting number at Le Mans - and the lofty performance claims: we're promised as much as 450bhp and 0-60mph time substantially under four seconds. Oh, and a top speed in excess of 186mph.

Spyker says it'll build a mere 24 LM 85s. A desire for exclusivity or a very short waiting list? We couldn't possibly say...


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