30 July 2007

Sexy SX4

The world's only desirable Suzuki SX4

Suzuki SX4

Yes ok, the name is a bit ungenerous but let's face it, the SX4 isn't usually something you'd have to mop the drool up for. But no longer - having seen the pictures of the SX4 WRC during tarmac testing in southern Europe, it has to be said the little terror looks good.

The wing, the stance in this tarmac-spec, the random brake-cooling vents, the overtly showy roll cage - this is about as far from the soft-roading supermini as it's possible to get, but somehow even knowing the humble root doesn't stop you wanting to have a go in one.

Still, Suzuki aren't going for the top spot just yet; they realise there's a lot to learn, so the SX4 is being evolved and fettled to improve both performance and reliability ahead of a test-entry into WRC.

The recent European tests (complementing a similar programme in Japan)  were the first time the car has been specifically tarmac-tested and apparently the results were pleasantly surprising.

We can't wait to see it driven in anger. By us, hopefully.

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