29 August 2013

Video: Stig's Speed Week hot laps

Which of our 13 cars (and one lawnmower) was the fastest around the fabulously twisty Circuit de Charade? Time to unleash The Stig…

We call it Stig control. We send him out in a slow car, and he does a fast lap. At the end of it, we wave the keys to a faster car over the pit wall, and in he comes. Simple as that. A single timed lap in each car, from a standing start, just like on the telly. These are the results...



Lamborghini Aventador: 2:09.0
4WD traction out of Clermont's four hairpins was the key factor in the Aventador's victory

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black: 2:09.4
Astonishing brakes, traction and chassis balance made the Black super-controllable

McLaren 12C Spider: 2:09.4
The only car in which Stig didn't turn off the traction control. He just plugged himself in

Audi RS6: 2:14.0
Brute force and 4WD. Much like the Aventador but with a slightly bigger boot

Jaguar F-Type V8S: 2:15.6
Required patience and restraint to keep the tail in line out of slow corners.

Porsche Cayman S: 2:15.8
163bhp less than the Jaguar, but pretty much as quick. Says it all, really.

Maserati GT MC Stradale: 2:18.3
Never felt as at home at the track as we hoped. Hounded by the hatches.

Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG: 2:18.6Would have gone faster if the gearbox had been less reluctant to change down to second.

Mini John Cooper Works GP II: 2:20.9
Quicker than the M135i, which surprised most of us. Good traction, poor gearchange.

BMW M135i: 2:22.0
Not nearly as well controlled on the track as it feels on the road. Bit rolly.

Ford Fiesta ST: 2:25.7
Slowest, but never felt slow. Better body control than any of the four cars directly above.



Formula Ford: 2:07.5
Staggering cornering grip everywhere; soft brakes were the only fly in the ointment.

Renault TwinRun: 2:18.9
Only 0.3 secs slower than the 355bhp A45 AMG. Punchy, grippy and quick.

Honda Blade Runner: 3:06.7
Forget the lap time, feel the noise. Nothing created more of it - a sonic (and visual) shock



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