Matthew Jones31 March 2014

The maddest pilot you'll see today

Air race nutbar flies 24-foot-wide plane through very narrow canal. And does barrel rolls

Red Bull likes spend money doing stupid things. Like racing in Formula One, drawing not-real racecars, or applying mini-ramps and BMXers to the back of Venezuelan lorries. But this film is... absolutely no different.

The vendor of carbonated, paranoia-inducing beverages has selected a racing pilot to fly a single-prop, 300bhp Zivko Edge 540 sports plane through a 70-foot-wide canal in Greece. While doing tricks.

Hungarian plane racer, Peter Besenyei, skims across the base of Greece's iconic 3.9-mile-long, 70-foot-wide abandoned canal, then does upside-downy things that make us want to black out.

Now watch. And tell us what your favourite Red Bull cash-burning video is.

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