Matthew Jones07 January 2014

Video: Australian builds V8 chainsaw

Watch what happens when you cut wood with a 4.1-litre Holden V8

Downsized, turbocharged engines are fast replacing inefficient, ungainly lumps like the 4.1-litre Holden V8. But this Australian man has a solution to the deluge of big, rubbish engines overburdening scrapyards: use them to power chainsaws.

A refreshing departure from other uses for old V8s, which include food blenders and rocking chairs, this particular contraption channels the engine's 120bhp (ish) to a 19.05mm-pitch chain. The resulting fury means that it can cut through a 550mm log of hardwood in 2.4 seconds. And induce utter deafness in 2.9 seconds.

Now watch. Then bless the colonies.

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