Matthew Jones04 November 2013

Video: Russians crash into river…

…and don’t seem to care. More dash-cam action this way

The Internet would be about half the size without Russian dash-cam footage. Something we're continually grateful for, especially after this slice of Eastern European mentalism landed on YouTube. As per protocol, it involves a man crashing violently then giving very few damns.

This time, a car scythes off the road, and launches from a crash barrier into a river. Upon discovering that the vehicle floats - and taking the elementary precaution of switching on the window wipers - both occupants quickly subscribe to the let's-have-a-nice-sit-down-till-this-whole-thing-blows-over school of panic.

Their conversation, according to those who speak Unflustered Russian, runs something like this:

Unflustered Russian 1: "Oh. We float."
Unflusterered Russian 2: "Where do we go?"
Unflustured Russian 1: "I don't know. Maybe to the shore?"
Unflustered Russian 2: "Don't steer the wheel, it's useless."

Very cool, yes. But as cool as Russia's finest break-dancing petrol station attendant? Perhaps not...

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