03 September 2009


Alfa Romeo branch out and get some jeans made. No, really...

As if Silvio Burlusconi himself was running Alfa Romeo (and it wouldn’t come as a massive surprise if he was), the latest offering from this historic sporting stable is… a pair of indecently tight women’s jeans.

Not that Top Gear disapproves of spray-on leisure wear for the gentler sex of course, but we can’t suppress a soupcon of cynicism when there’s a deeply tenuous tie-in with a car company.

The official line here is that Alfa challenged a couple of designers ‘to create a line of women’s jeans that would be as cool and desirable as the Alfa Mito’.

So a trip to Marks and Sparks would have seemed logical, but instead an embroidered Alfa badge on the pocket and a bit of leather stitched around a Simon Cowell-style belt line aims to suggest – well, something.

We’re not quite sure what. That your jeans are a car? Or that you are a professional jeans wearer, sponsored by Alfa Romeo?

Hmm, anyway, they cost £75 and some of that will go to charity. Have a look here if you’re interested.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, then look at this…


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