Sam Philip22 September 2009

It’s good to torque

Audi gives you an early drive in its all-electric R8 E-Tron. If you’ve got one of those Playstation devices, at least

Audi E-Tron

Ever wondered what 3,319lb ft of torque feels like? Well, it's so damn torquey that it can only be contained by... the internet!

Yes, to celebrate the unveiling of its absurdly twistful R8 E-Tron concept, Audi has created a virtual universe in which the battery-powered supercar can safely play without creating, y'know, black holes and stuff.

To play, you'll need something called a ‘Playstation 3' - which we believe to be a gaming console of the Commodore 64 ilk - and head over to Audi Space, a sort of virtual headquarters for the German brand within Playstation Home. Can you hear Top Gear's technical understanding straining at the seams yet?

Anyhow. Once you're there, you'll be able to pilot the torquetastic E-Tron around the Vertical Run circuit, attempting to reach the highest top speed by gathering lots of electrical energy. 3,319lb ft of torque requires much electrical energy, we think.

The game goes live in December, by which time we’ll have figured out where all the wires sticking out the back of the Top Gear office telly actually go.

Oh, and - as a loyal reader has just pointed out to us - anyone know what Etron means in French? We've just found out. It's not good. If you know, please don't write it below or we'll get in trouble... 

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