Sam Philip21 May 2008

Need for Speedster

Audi reveals TT Clubsport in Austria. Might even build it. Please, please

Audi TT Clubsport Quattro

As if the loyal troops attending Austria's Worthersee meet hadn't been treated enough with the A3 TDI Clubsport Quattro, Audi has gone and made a whole load of Christmases happen at once by unveiling this: the TT Clubsport Quattro.

Essentially the production version of the TT Speedster shown off at Worthersee last year, the TT Clubsport delivers on all the promises of the concept and adds just a little bit more.

Before we get on to the Clubsport's 1950s-inspired lines, let's talk power. 300bhp of power, in fact, from a tuned-up version of Audi's two-litre TFSI engine.

It's not clear exactly how the Audi engineers have extracted quite so much from such a small engine - the new TT-S manages 268bhp from the same unit - but they do mention a 'particularly easy-breathing exhaust' with 'a powerful racing sound'. We approve.

As you'd expect, the TT Clubsport gets all-wheel drive and Audi's S-Tronic paddle-shifting transmission. No performance figures at the moment, but we'd assume you're looking at a TT that'll hit 60mph in under five seconds.

And look pretty damn spectacular doing it. The tiny, low windscreen obviously harks back to the post-war Porsche Speedsters, and Audi has completely dispensed of any roof arrangement. Better check the weather forecast.

Glitzy as it might look, it's a functional bit of design. There's a spoiler lip on the chin under the obligatory LED running lights, while the rear bumper helps to create diffuser-style downforce. The Clubsport sits on a track some seven centimetres wider than the standard TT, while those skinny wheels are 19-inchers.

Inside the cabin, you've got bucket seats, orange leather and swathes of aluminium, all of which are Good Things. As is all of the Clubsport, really, and here's the best bit...

They're going to build it.

Maybe. Just maybe. Audi says that "small-series production of this model cannot be ruled out", which sounds as good as a yes to us. TG's collective fingers are very firmly crossed.

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