Sam Philip12 June 2008

Bite the Bullitt

You want Brabus's 720bhp Black Arrow? Get out all your chequebooks

Brabus Bullitt Black Arrow

How much would you pay for a C-Class that can do 225mph? A C-Class armed with a 720bhp, twin-turbo, 6.3-litre V12? A C-Class that looks stealthy and scary enough to conduct covert missile raids?

How about £275,000? No, thought not. Still, that's the asking price for the Brabus Bullitt Black Arrow, the latest tarmac-obliterating mod-job from our favourite Teutonic tuners.

Yes, 720bhp. And, perhaps even more impressively, 974lb ft of torque - a figure so absurd that Brabus has limited it to a mere 811lb ft, presumably to prevent the five-speed auto' transmission turning itself into a black hole.

The Black Arrow will hit 62mph in 3.9 seconds and reach 186mph in 24.5 seconds - proper hypercar performance... but at a proper hypercar price.

We still can't quite fathom that price tag. Surely even oil sheiks would bolster their extensive collection of Italian exotica rather than splash more than quarter of a million big ones on a souped-out rep saloon?

Just think what you could buy for the price of one Black Arrow. A F430 Scuderia, an RS4 and an Ariel Atom, perhaps? What would you buy?

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