01 April 2009

Build your own Bug

How hideous can you make your Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport? Worse than this?

Unless you've recently discovered that you (a) own France and accidentally forgot about it or (b) are shortly to be sacked from an executive role at the Royal Bank of Scotland, you can't afford a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. Sorry.

With a price tag of £1.45 million - a whopping £150,000 premium on the hard-top, and all for the privilege of a removable roof and a crappy umbrella - the 987bhp convertible Veyron exists in the realm of the double-rollover-lottery win for most of us. Until now....
The nice guys at Bugatti have just unveiled a configurator on their website, giving us all a chance to build our own Grand Sport. And, more importantly, create the most hideous version we possibly can.
What do you think of Top Gear's Grand Sport (see pic above)? Gorgeous, eh? We've opted for a subtle mixture of highlighter yellow and a hell of a lot of carrot sick, set off by a lovely tan leather interior and 'classy' burnt orange highlights. Hideous it may be, but we can't help but feel that someone somewhere is stupid enough to buy it.
Unfortunately, Ferrari's just-launched and deeply glitzy new website does make Bugatti's effort look just a touch, well, budget. Where's the option to spec your alloys? Yes, we know they're probably the only wheels that can actually survive the Veyron's organ-bending top speed, but since when was this about the real world? And surely we could at least be allowed to change the colour of the umbrella?
Try a bit harder next time guys...

If that’s put you in the mood for a bit of proper Veyron action (ie going fast), relive the moment James May V-Max’d it on our telly show: 


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