29 April 2008

Electric light

A battery-powered car you might actually want to drive? Pass it this way

Until the Tesla arrives, the number of electric cars you might actually want to drive remains at about, erm, zero. Th!nk city car? No thanks. G-Wiz? Pass the bargepole.

But the Evisol Thorr could, in theory at least, change all that. Beyond the excellent Viking-style name and even-more-excellent lurid orange paintjob, it's a fairly simple formula: a Siemens-sourced electric motor and set of lithium-polymer batteries wedged into a Lotus Seven chassis.

Sounds effective, though: the Dutch-built Thorr has a continuous output of 91bhp, but can deliver up to 272bhp and 332lb ft of torque for short periods... and all from zero revs. In a car weighing just 755kg, that should be good for a 0-60mph time around three seconds. Good.

There is, however, one little problem. Have a look at - or rather take a listen to - Evisol's promotional video, and see if you can spot what it is:

Spookily quiet, eh? How long until someone produces a rev-sensitive V8 soundtrack to be piped out through the stereo?

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