Dan Read24 August 2009

Roman weaponry

Design student dreams up Fiat pickup. We’d prefer the mental HSV Maloo that Richard thrashed in series 13, thank you

Fiat Sentiero

Here's one for rednecks and landscape gardeners everywhere - a pickup truck concept that's based on a Fiat but, of course, isn't a Fiat.
It's the work of Romanian design student called Dragos Prodan, who we believe can trace his, er, bloodline right back to Dracula or something.
And he knocked this up in the final year of his university design course, apparently taking inspiration from Fiat's current design language. Hmm. We can't see much of the 500 in there, and there's certainly no Quboisms. But maybe the grille is a little Puntoesque.
Dracula has made room for a couple of scooters on the flatbed and reckons you could fit a 3.0-litre diesel V6 under that bulgy bonnet, which should be enough to tow a speedboat or whatever else an outdoorsy person likes to drag around.
We'd prefer to wedge a V8 in there and give the HSV Maloo a good seeing-to...

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