12 September 2007

Frankfurt show: Ford Verve concept

Fiesta preview looks good, but will the styling make it to production?

Ford Verve

There's a stage next to the Ford Verve concept that's all set up for a Classic Rock Band to play: multiple guitars, big shiny drum kit, Best of Bon Jovi songbook, that sort of thing. Thankfully, the band is yet to materialise. 

We're not quite sure why it needs to be there at all, in honesty, because the Verve speaks for itself. Looking even better in the metal than it did in the photos we saw a few weeks back, the concept previews what the next-gen Fiesta will look like when it arrives in 2008. 

Ford is still maintaining that it'll take the public reaction to the Verve at Frankfurt into consideration when styling the Fiesta. While we're not so sure about that - insiders say the Fiesta is a done-and-dusted project already - let's just hope it looks at least something like the Verve. Because the Verve looks good.

Chances are that it should do. "The principles of the design will make the production car," a Ford spokesman told us. "But some of the concept touches will obviously go." 

We'd imagine that means the Fiesta will gain a B-pillar and sadly lose the stitched-leather interior. But how much of the concept's sleek curves and neatly styled hatch will stay remains to be seen.

Ford maintains that the mobile phone-inspired interior (which sounds trite, but believe us, the centre console looks just like a giant Motorola) will remain, along with the porthole surrounds for the speedo and rev counter.

We'll find out next summer, but in the meantime expect a couple more Fiesta-previewing concepts: Ford has promised to show us a five-door and saloon concept soon, so there's a good chance we'll see at least one at the Shanghai show in November.

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