Sam Philip18 June 2009

Bring on the zombies…

We know what we’ll be driving when the apocalypse comes: the Fornasari Racing Buggy

Fornasari Racing Buggy

We thought, when we saw that gigantic Conquest Knight XV earlier this month, that we'd found the ultimate post-apocalypse vehicle. But this, the Fornasari Racing Buggy, would give the XV a damn good fight in the desolate, post-nuclear landscape.

Forna-who? Fair question. Fornisari is an Italian company established 10 years ago that makes weird, luxurious SUVs that we've never previously had any desire to own.

But the Racing Buggy might just change that. Firstly because it's got 610bhp on tap, courtesy of a GM-sourced 7.0-litre V8. Secondly because it'll hit 60mph in under four seconds - as quick as a Corvette ZR1 - thanks in part to a smart four-wheel-drive system that plumbs 60 per cent of the power to the rear wheels.

And thirdly because you'll be able to drive it on the roads. Even before the apocalypse wipes out traffic cops. Yes, it might look like an off-road racer, but Fornasari promises that the Racing Buggy will be completely road legal, with luxurious seating for five.

OK, we'll be surprised if it ever actually happens - it's not looking exactly production ready in this rendering - but if it does, we'll be the first ones knocking on Fornasari's showroom door when the four horsemen come trotting into town...

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