16 March 2010

Gin’ fizz

Tiny British sports car makers plot world domination. Oh dear

Farbio GTS

Stop press! Impossibly obscure British sports car manufacturer gets bought by another almost as obscure British sports car manufacturer. Yes, that Farboud thingummy that became a Farbio GTS or something (did it? Um, we think so) has now been bought by Ginetta. Yes, you know, Ginetta. Yes, of course they're still going. Well, they were when we wrote this.

The flagship 410bhp supercharged Farbio GTS is now going to be rebadged as the Ginetta F400, and still be made at Farbio's base in Bath, while Ginetta carries on making its own G40 and G50 cars in Leeds. Which all sounds a bit mental, but who are we to argue?

When it goes on sale as an all-carbon, no-frills 911-rival of sorts, it's expected to cost around £90,000. Good luck chaps.

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