24 September 2009

This is a tribute

Ferrari 458 gets its own tribute, not from one game maker, but two...

We expect to see Gran Turismo 5 before Christmas. No, more than that, we demand it. Demand!

We’ve been waiting for years and the Prologue wasn’t enough. We need the full game, full internet connectivity, racing leagues, hundreds of cars, the lot, all in hi-res glory.

Videos like this, a dedication to the new 458 Ferrari by Gran Turismo’s creators Polyphony, just make us more frustrated.

It’s sensational, of course, and it’s interesting to compare it with Forza’s tribute. While Polyphony’s is artistic, zooms right in on tiny details like the individual bulbs on the tail lights, Forza’s is all about action and drama, and lacks the subtletly of the Gran Turismo effort. But that’s Forza for you – a good game but an arcade game, where GT5 will be more a simulation.

We can’t wait, Sony, so enough of the trailers enough of the dedications, let’s get a launch date and let’s get playing.

A rumour has just broken that it won't be out until March 2010, which just isn't good enough. But that's unofficial as yet, so when the news breaks, you’ll read it here first.

So for now, watch the awesome video...

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