23 October 2009

Honda Skydeck: unhinged

Hybrid MPV concept incorporates every weird flavour of door. The next FR-V? We fear not…

Honda Skydeck

Take a look at the Skydeck gallery.

After its unveil this week in Tokyo, we thought we’d give you a bit more information about Honda’s Skydeck, the crazy-doored concept sharing a stand with the nearly-production CR-Z.

The only problem is that there isn’t really much more information. The Skydeck is described as a hybrid MPV demonstrating how Honda’s petrol-electric technology can be squeezed into different shaped cars.

In the Skydeck, the battery pack sits within the central ‘transmission tunnel’, lowering the centre of gravity and freeing up interior space.

Honda has also done its best to incorporate every weird door configuration known to man: the front doors are scissor arrangements that hinge forward, Lambo-style, while the rears drop down and slide to the back of the Skydeck. We’re a bit disappointed they didn’t manage to fit at least one gullwing in there somewhere...

Beyond that, we know not very much. It has been speculated that the Skydeck previews a replacement for the FR-V, most probably because it is similarly six-seated, albeit in three rows of two rather than two rows of three.

But Honda is keen to stress that the Skydeck is nothing more than a design study, with no plans for production. A pity, or are those doors just too damn kerrazy for you?

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