11 June 2009

Nice face, shame about the ass

Russian supercar concept looks great… until it overtakes you

Krasnov Igor Muska concept

See more pics of the Muska supercar concept

We were rather impressed with Russian designer Krasnov Igor’s ‘Muska’ supercar concept.

OK, it’s another one of those never-to-be-built Photoshop fantasties, but it’s a rather damned handsome one, we thought. A bit of Koenigsegg, a bit of Noble about the profile, plenty of Ferrari F430 in the front lights. Definitely some Lamborghini Reventon about those front air intakes, along with plenty of jet fighter. A tidy package, all in all.

That’s before we saw the rear end of the Muska. Take a look at that gallery. Look at its arse.

Really, Mr Igor? A pair of foot-wide tailpipes ringed with brake lights? A pair of tailpipes so capacious that you could easily lose small children in there?

At least, we assume they’re tailpipes. Maybe that petite little exit below the number plate is the tailpipe. Maybe those enormous holes are portals into a parallel dimension. Or jet turbines. Or evil eyes that wink at people driving behind you.

Whatever they are, Mr Igor, they’re not right. Back to your Macbook and sort that arse out, please. A couple of weeks on the treadmill should do it…

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