Vijay Pattni15 March 2010

Video: Lambo on ice

Factory-backed race team takes Gallardo skiing. Cue horrendous 'Piste Lambo' puns

Who needs tarmac when you've got a ski slope to play with? Oh, and a modified 560bhp Lamborghini Gallardo with a full tank of fuel.

Reiter Engineering - purveyor of ballistic Lambo race cars - is showcasing its range of body mods in a totally scientific fashion... by ragging the nuts out of a Gallardo at the base of a ski slope.

Just in case you're wondering, Reiter's Gallardo Strada sports widened carbon fibre wings, new grille, enlarged side skirts and a massive rear wing known to cause young gentlemen problems in that ‘special area'.

So cue the (rather poor-quality) video. Watch the blokes in hats looking at stuff in a not-at-all-scientific way - checking out the tyres to make sure there's like, rubber and stuff; padding the snow to make sure it isn't talcum powder, and so forth.

And then cue a minute of powersliding greatness as the Lambo is ragged to within an inch of its life. We like.

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