22 October 2009

LFA configurator: surprisingly cheap

Lexus’s very expensive supercar gets a very cheap online configurator. Do your worst…

Lexus LFA

After the delays and the grainy videos, Lexus’s 500bhp V10 supercar has finally taken centre stage in Tokyo, and now here’s your chance to virtually destroy your very own LFA as the online configurator hits the web.

You know we like a good configurator at TopGear.com, and this… well, it’s not really a very good configurator. Not because of the appalling colour choices – Pearl Brown, Fresh Green or Passionate Pink, anyone? – because we rather approve of appalling colour choices.

No, our problem with the LFA configumatron is that it’s all bit… budget, isn’t it? Which isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a £330,000 supercar.

In fact, we’d expect the configurator for a £330,000 supercar to offer us a complimentary espresso, polish our brogues and applaud us on how dapper we’re looking. The LFA configurator does none of these things.

Still, it does allow you to devise a most hideous multi-tone interior. If you’re stuggling to make your LFA’s cabin suitably retch-inducing, we’d recommend kicking off with a red headliner matched to a violet centre console. Mmm, violently clashing…

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