16 July 2008

Where Eagles dare

We’ve got an early look at the first all-new Lotus in 13 years

Lotus Project Eagle

The first all-new Lotus in 13 years is set to debut at the British motor show next week... and we've got the first-ever photo.

This is the car codenamed Project Eagle - the final name won't be revealed until the car's unveiling on Tuesday, but expect it to begin with an 'E'. We're rooting for the 'E-by-gum', but we fear it's unlikely.

Anyhow. You're looking at a mid-engined two-plus-two - the only one in production, in fact - with a 3.5-litre V6 mounted behind the rear seats.

The engine, sourced from Toyota, will produce 276bhp and 250lb ft of torque, and though there's no firm word on performance figures, Lotus asserts that the Eagle (we'll stick with that for now) is 'considerably faster' round the Nurburgring than the Elise. Which Elise, we're not sure.

If you're wondering how big those 'plus-two' seats are, there might be a hint in the fact that Lotus will also be selling the Eagle as a two-seater with a luggage compartment behind.

We're also told that a convertible and 'ultra-high performance' Eagle are planned for the future.

Beyond that, details are sketchy. We know there'll be a load of leather on the inside, along with 'blue LED halos' - so we're not talking about a stripped-out racer here.

The first Eagles will arrive in early 2009, with an expected run of some 2000 cars per year.

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