Matthew Jones21 February 2012

This is the awesome Lyonheart K

Remember the Growler E-Type update? It’s back with a new name. Thank God…

As Jeremy pointed out last season, there's one surefire way to ruin a gorgeous car - call it the Growler.

Which could explain why Classic Factory, the Swiss company responsible for said preposterous epithet, has renamed their stunning tribute to Jaguar's E-Type. Sort of...

See more pics of the Lyonheart K here

Think of this little monkey as Son of Growler (stop tittering). It's being built on the back of the success of this design study and now resides under the more comfortable moniker of "K". It'll be manufactured by a company founded just for its inception - the very British Lyonheart Cars Ltd.

Robert Palm, CEO of Classic Factory, says: "We want to make the 'Made In England' label into a truthful concept, not just a statement. Every part of the Lyonheart K is developed, engineered and hand-built in Coventry, England."

So, what'll it be getting under the bonnet? A rorty six-pot like the original E? Nope - a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 (presumably from the XKR), carbon fibre panels, an aluminium chassis and sub-1600kg mass.

Sounds fruity. But it should be - it'll cost you £415,000. FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN GRAND. Zoinks.

Want one of these or would you spend an extra £85k and get an Eagle Speedster instead, TopGear.commers?

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