Dan Read08 June 2009

Mac daddies

New British bike firm shows off custom rides

Mac motorbikes

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People who dig custom bikes usually have a fond appreciation for butch tattoos, tight leather, thick moustaches and girls called ‘Peggy Sue' or ‘Dave'. They ain't normally our sort of thing here at Top Gear.
But today we're making an exception and when you see why, you'll understand. Just check out these machines from new British firm Mac. Get on one of these and you're guaranteed to look cool - no need for Power Ranger suits here, just jeans and a jacket. And a Malboro Red for maximum effect. That'll keep Mr Clarkson happy.
So will the 492cc ‘thumper' engine, borrowed from Buell and sandwiched in a Mac chassis. It might only have around 50bhp, but this thing doesn't weigh much and it's properly tuneable.
There are four concepts at the mo, each with a slightly different style. But here's the good bit: you get to choose which gets built first. So, what's it to be?
The Spud? Nope, not an Irish root vegetable, but a cruiser for lazy mooching. Or how about the Peashooter? It's a café-racer sort of thing, which we believe is a quick way to get to a greasy spoon. Then there's the Ruby, named after a Mac founder's ex-girlfriend, which means absolutely nothing to us (let's hope she was hot, because the bike is). Finally there's the Roarer, which is the sleekest, raciest-looking of the lot.
Word on the street is that the Peashooter is the current favourite. Check out the website and let the guys at Mac know your thoughts. And if you find out any more about Ruby, let us know...

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