Sam Philip01 June 2009

S2000: off the Grid

After 10 years of production, Honda is killing off its sports car this summer. Boo

Martensson Honda S2000 concept

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After 10 years of production, Honda is killing off the S2000 this summer.  Boo.

With plans for a successor looking dodgier than an MP's floating duck island expenses claim, it's left to the good citizens of the interweb to dream up what a new Honda S2000 might look like.

And they don't come much more goodly or citizenly than Lars Martensson, the computer game renderer who goes by the name of 'Grid'. Last week, we showed you Mr Martensson's most excellent Subaru STI coupe-thing, and now here's his take on an S2000 for the 21st-and-a-bit century.

What do you reckon? We're guessing that, like the Subaru, this one will divide you firmly into the ‘lovers' and ‘deeply vitriolic haters' camp - we like that Lancer-style nose and the rear end, but those side-blade things are a bit much for our liking. Overall, though, surely there's enough here to get the guys at Honda thinking, "Hmm, y'know... there's something in this..."

Martensson hasn't speculated on what might be found under the bonnet, so we'll leave it up to you to decide. Would you prefer the same mad, high-revving VTEC approach as the outgoing S2000, or some sort of techy turbo-supercharged arrangement?

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