21 November 2008

LA show: 2010 Mustang

It takes a true muscle-car geek to spot the differences in the new ’Stang. Thankfully there are plenty around in LA...

2010 Mustang

Hoardes of US muscle-car spotters are able to reach truly truly heroic levels of detail obsession. To them, this is a new Mustang. Ford says so too, pointing out that every panel bar the roof is new. But to the rest of us it looks pretty similar to the old one. Which means it lacks the novelty and impact of the Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro.

Never mind, it’s a Mustang and that’s not a bad thing to be, a cheery tonic in these grim times for Detroit. And it gets a bit more power from more efficient engines. The previously fairly cheapskate cabin has been reworked out of better quality stuff too, to boost the sharp retro-design cues.

In other Ford news, the Fusion saloon has had a makeover. Just as well, as it’s a big seller and important to the company’s day-to-day health. The engines are more economical than the Toyota Camry or Honda Accord competition. That’ll please the politicos who accuse Detroit of being behind on the green game. There’s also a hybrid Fusion.


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