Dan Read12 October 2009

Lean machine

Nissan reveals its Tokyo line-up, including a slimline electric concept that tilts when it goes round corners. Nifty

Nissan Land Glider

If you've been wondering what Nissan has up its sleeve for the upcoming Tokyo show, your wait is over. All is revealed.

We've already seen the Leaf all-electric vehicle - the first electro-car for normal people who like normal cars with four doors and a hatchback. That will be there looking all glittery under the spotlights ahead of its launch next year.

Next to that is something called a Land Glider - an ultra-slim, electric, tilting thing that looks like cross between the VW L1 concept and that crazy Dutch Carver  - designed to solve all our urban mobility problems. We find that ‘walking' is also pretty effective.

We're also expecting some more news on the new Micra that we showed you last week. Then there's the Qazana, which we saw at Geneva earlier this year. It's a jacked-up five-door hatch, designed to slot somewhere between the ‘B' and ‘C' segment, so that's in between a Mini and a Qashqai (it could steal sales from both). It will be made in Britain from early next year, at the firm's Sunderland plant, where the tea and biscuits are being restocked as we speak.  

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