Sam Philip18 May 2009


Vauxhall’s big saloon turns police spec, becomes just a bit less appealing…

You had to go and ruin it, didn't you Vauxhall?

We liked the Insignia. And not just because it sounded the death knell for the Vectra. We liked it because it was a good car - a good looking, good driving car.

So why did you have to go and spoil all of our happy warm fuzzy Insignia vibes by handing it over to the police?

Now when we think Insignia, we won't think, ‘Mmm, tidy exec saloon', we'll think, ‘Argh, what's the speed limit here? Is it a 30 or a 40?'

Yes, we understand that the police do an important job, catching light-fingered crims and cuffing errant scallies round their errant lugholes. We understand they need cars in which to do these important jobs - cars armed with cameras and number plate recognition and big flashing sirens.

But do they have to do it in a car we really like? That said, we'll make an exception for a Lotus Exige or a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Now watch TG go all PC:   

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