15 September 2010

GT3 RS gets pumped

Porsche GT3 RS ploughs nose-first into petrol pump. Avoids explosive death using ‘luck’

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

All we know is what you can see. Notice the orange RAC van in the background, alongside Plod.

This tells us it's in the UK.

The rather bent petrol pump belongs to BP. This tells us it's at a ‘petrol station'; places where owners of ‘cars' come to fill up four-wheeled machines with highly explosive, flammable and toxic substances called ‘fuel'.

As you can see, this Porsche GT3 RS failed somewhere along the complicated ‘pulling-up-to-the-pump-and-filling-up-with-petrol' chain, avoiding a rather nasty, fiery, explosive, catastrophic death.

This tell us they're ruddy lucky.

Remind yourself what a standard, non-crashed GT3 RS looks like, here.

Pic courtesy of quattroworld.com

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