15 August 2007

Black on black

Special edition Porsche Cayman is black, black as the starless night. Etc

Black special edition Porsche Cayman S

Rock 'n' roll, vegetarianism, fly fishing... you name it, at some point it'll have been declared the new black.

But Porsche obviously reckons it's time for black to be the new black, because there's a pronounced noirish theme to its special edition Cayman S Porsche Design Edition 1.

For starters, every one of the 777 Edition 1 Caymans will be painted black. Black, black, black.

Porsche hasn't bothered to mention why it needs a special edition of its junior super-coupe, but we're guessing there was a job lot of black paint left over from an international Goth convention that was going cheap.

On the inside, there's a ream of black leather and Alcantara trim - also in black. The centre console, fascia console and door trims are black too, as is the inside of the glovebox when the light's off.

Presumably thanks to some glaring oversight, the 19-inch, Turbo-esque alloys aren't in black, but that's nothing that a marker pen can't sort.

And, just in case you weren't feeling monochrome enough, the individually numbered Edition 1 even comes with a briefcase, pocket knife, sunglasses, pen, key ring and watch by Porsche Design. Yes, they're all black.

At £49,890, the Edition 1 weighs in about three grand more than the standard Cayman S, meaning you'll have a nice big black hole in your wallet to complement your Porsche Noir.

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