31 July 2008


Rhys Millen toughens up Hyundai's Genesis Coupe. Adds decals

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

We're rather looking forward to the arrival of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe - the curvy, rear-wheel drive version of Hyundai's big saloon first seen late last year.

We'll be looking forward to it even more if it ends up looking like this. Minus a few of those decals, maybe. This is the RMR Genesis Coupe show car, as modified by all-round legend and truck-backflipper (that's not a euphemism, no) Rhys Millen.

The RMR takes Hyundai's turbocharged two-litre four-pot and adds a turbo kit for extra power. How much extra power isn't made clear, but remember that the similar engine in the Evo X can reach 350bhp without too much stress.

There's also a sequential transmission and heavy coil-over-spring suspension, along with a carbon fibre wing and full racing interior: roll cage, harnesses and complimentary air freshener.

"We are going to transform the Genesis Coupe into a apex-carving machine with jaw-dropping looks," says Rhys Millen, happily neglecting to add the phrases 'gnarly' or 'far out'. "We think it has the possibility of being one of the coolest cars at the show."

'The show' is November's Las Vegas SEMA meet, the biggest modified car convention in the world. Believe us, the RMR will look subtle alongside most of the stuff there...


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