03 March 2009

Geneva show: Rinspeed iChange

Strange hinging-foldy-roof-concept-thing makes no more sense in the metal

Rinspeed iChange

OK, we only told you about it last week, but we wanted to give you a quick update on the Rinspeed iChange having seen it on the Geneva floor.

Mainly because it's even weirder than we first thought. There's one central driver's seat, with a pair of passenger seats perched behind on either side - like the McLaren F1, but somehow far less desirable.

As far as we can tell, the two rear seats slide prostrate beside the driver, allowing the roofline to lower, thus improving aerodynamics. At least, that's what we think happens: we stood agape, watching the iChange spin round and round on its stand, but at no point did anything clever happen with the roof. Sceptical? Us?

Actually, that's a slight lie. At one point, the whole roof arrangement did hinge up, worryingly supported by a couple of rather flimsy looking pieces of string. We don't want to be too negative about Rinspeed's indubitably original way of thinking, but guys - this one's not going to catch on.

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