Dan Read28 January 2010

This was Schuey...

Apparently. Re-release of Mercedes SLS stunt has us scratching our heads

A few months back, Mercedes shot a video of an SLS driving upside down in a tunnel. It was straight out of Hollywood and most probably fake.
Yesterday, the same video popped up again on YouTube, with a slight twist. In a patronising masterstroke, the people at Mercedes have replaced the original driver with their newest recruit, some chap called Schumacher. And they'd like us to believe he was driving it all along.
Except at the time, Schuey was at Ferrari and denying all knowledge of his Mercedes move. Perhaps he was moonlighting, in which case he can expect a fat lawsuit any day now.
We suspect he wasn't. Compare the videos on YouTube and you'll notice that with some clumsy editing, the poor original dude has been completely cut, and some new shots taken of Schuey. Stick with it until the end and prepare to feel slightly sick as Das Stig removes his lid and shoots a cheesy wink at camera. Then post your theories below. 

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