31 March 2008

Poor box

Scion's Hako concept takes a pounding in the US

Scion Hako Coupe Concept

We don't get Scion, Toyota's US-centric yoof brand, in the UK. And, judging by the reaction to this, the Hako concept unveiled at the New York Auto Show, that might be a good thing.

Met with almost universal disapproval by the critical masses, the Hako Coupe Concept takes Scion's popular little xB and turns it even more, well, boxy. We're not going to tell you what you ought to think, because you can make your own mind up. In fact, you probably already have.

"Polarising style fits in well with our line-up," says Scion VP Jack Hollis. "This concept is the sporty version of a box."

Sporty box? Surely that's like extreme crochet? Scion says the Hako combines American and Japanese youth cultures in a 'compact and bold package', and with its straight-up windscreen, chopped glasshouse and squashed little face, there's no arguing with the 'bold' bit.

We have to confess that we think it's almost cool - almost - but we're very much in the minority here.

The most upsetting bit of the Hako is the seating, which is - and we quote - 'covered in urethane and rubber-like upholstery for easy cleaning'. Eww. We don't want to imagine what the youth of today are planning to get up to in there.

Scion says it will listen to the feedback on the Hako to determine its future brand styling. Expect Scion's next offering to look nothing like the Hako.

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