Vijay Pattni13 January 2011

Sony pits GT5 ’Ring vs real thing

Video: It’s official – real life isn’t as exciting as the PlayStation 3, as this video confirms…

Last month, we presented conclusive proof that spending hours on your own in the dark playing driving games is scientifically proven to make you a more advanced human being.

Mostly, this is thanks to Gran Turismo. Gentleman joystick racer Denis Malevanyi hotfooted the ’Ring in his M3 (real) and on GT5, and then put the two videos together. The videos are strikingly similar.

Now Sony has proved to the world that the real world does, in fact, suck, and that the virtual reality of Gran Turismo 5 betters ‘world’ by a Top Gear totally-made-up factor of 3-1. This is why. The company has released a video giving a driver’s view of the Nurburgring in GT5 and in real life. The results, as you will see, put yet another strain on the tortuous relationship between perception and reality. Are we all players in a digital realm, and does existence cease when you power down your PS3?

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